Timeless Glamour and Contemporary Chic: Pucci’s ‘Very Vivara’ Collection

Pucci’s Spring Summer 2024 fashion show, titled ‘Very Vivara,’ took fashion enthusiasts on a journey through the timeless allure of Rome, the Eternal City. Creative Director Camille Miceli orchestrated a collection that seamlessly intertwined the brand’s glamorous heritage with contemporary sophistication, drawing inspiration from personal connections and nostalgic reveries.

The choice of Palazzo Altemps as the venue added to the grandeur of the occasion, with its frescoed salons providing a fitting backdrop for the modern yet regal designs. From Christy Turlington opening the show in an elegant black caftan to the dramatic finale featuring Isabella Rossellini draped in a Vivara-printed terry cloth cape, the runway exuded confidence and inclusivity.

Miceli’s commitment to diversity was evident in the casting, with models like Eva Herzigova and Devyn Garcia representing different spirits and characters within the Pucci famiglia. At a time when the fashion industry grappled with diversity issues, Miceli’s embrace of inclusivity was a refreshing reaffirmation of the brand’s values.

The collection itself showcased a blend of urban sophistication and risqué allure. Starting with sleek black ensembles adorned with subtle sequined trimmings, it gradually transitioned into vibrant all-over prints and tattoo-inspired designs. Each piece exuded a sense of effortless chic, echoing Karl Lagerfeld’s description of wearing Pucci as akin to wearing a full-on tatouage.

In ‘Very Vivara,’ Camille Miceli succeeded in bridging the past and the present, infusing Pucci’s signature glamour with a contemporary edge. As the fashion world continues to evolve, Pucci remains a beacon of timeless style and innovation, guided by a creative vision that honors tradition while embracing the spirit of change.