About us

Manhattan Fashion Magazine is an esteemed online publication that specializes in comprehensive fashion coverage, both within New York and on the international stage. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have garnered a loyal readership of discerning fashion enthusiasts who appreciate our unique platform as a gateway to targeted fashion news.

Our team of talented writers and editors is dedicated to curating captivating content that caters to the tastes and interests of our fashion-forward audience. From the latest fashion trends to beauty and lifestyle news, our magazine delves into a diverse array of topics. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in delivering engaging video content, providing exclusive coverage of high-end fashion events, luxury products, and intriguing glimpses into the lives of renowned designers.

For businesses seeking to reach a niche audience within the dynamic and creative environment of New York City, advertising with Manhattan Fashion Magazine offers access to an array of creative resources. We are poised to effectively promote brands and help them connect with our invigorating community, fostering growth and delight within this thriving fashion-centric city.

Our Team:

Julia Sher
Editor in Chief

Mariella Grinshpun
Managing Editor

Leona Sokolov
Marketing and Promotion

Roslyn Welinchik
Advertising Department

Chris Johnson
Models department

Phone: (212) 889-1536
Advertising : (917) 318-0028

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