Elie Saab’s ‘Desert Rose’: A Moroccan-Inspired Couture Masterpiece

Elie Saab’s Spring Summer 2024 Haute Couture collection, titled “Desert Rose,” mesmerized with Moroccan-inspired designs, unveiling a rich tapestry of cultural influences. The star-studded event, featuring Jennifer Lopez in the front row, radiated anticipation and excitement. Saab’s vision drew from Morocco’s mystique, capturing its bustling souks and desert light.

The collection showcased intricate details and geometric patterns inspired by Moroccan architecture, gracefully interwoven with gold accents and soft sunset hues. Saab surprised with asymmetrical elements, like a one-shouldered wrap cape and an outstretched batwing cape, adding modern flair and volume to his creations. These designs showcased his skill in evoking emotion through fashion.

Elie Saab Jr., CEO of the Elie Saab Group, affirmed the brand’s commitment to couture as integral to its identity and business, not just a visual spectacle. Despite its exclusive clientele, couture remains a vital and indispensable part of the brand’s business model.