Chanel’s Cinematic Tribute: A Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Fashion Show Spectacle

At the Chanel Fall Winter 2024-2025 fashion show, Virginie Viard orchestrated a magnificent homage to classic French cinema, specifically the iconic film “Un homme et une femme” (“A Man and a Woman”). The event unfolded with an enchanting short film starring Hollywood luminaries Brad Pitt and Penélope Cruz, directed by Inez and Vinoodh.

Cruz, a Chanel brand ambassador since 2018, captivated attendees as she arrived with Claude Lelouch, the original film’s director. Positioned against a backdrop reminiscent of the picturesque boardwalk of Deauville, where the 1966 movie was set, the duo ignited a flurry of excitement among spectators.

The black-and-white reinterpretation showcased Pitt and Cruz strolling along the beach and exchanging flirtatious glances at the Normandy hotel’s restaurant, accompanied by the film’s iconic soundtrack. This cinematic spectacle heralded the launch of Chanel’s classic 11.12 handbag campaign, seamlessly integrating product placement into the narrative.

Viard’s insistence on featuring Brad Pitt underscores Chanel’s enduring relationship with the actor, dating back to his appointment as the first male ambassador for the No.5 perfume in 2012. The organic inclusion of Chanel handbags in the original film further underscores the brand’s historical resonance with iconic cultural moments.