Embracing Boldness: Custo Barcelona’s Avant-Garde Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Collection

The Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection by Custo Barcelona is a celebration of comfort, style, and avant-garde fashion. The brand’s creative universe shines with experimentation, vibrant colors, and striking shine, captivating audiences worldwide. Titled “We Art Custo,” the collection targets women seeking an advanced fashion language to express confidence and individuality, deeply rooted in artistry.

Boots are the standout footwear choice, featuring wrinkled shafts and chunky heels. Custo Barcelona shows us how to style them within their unique creative universe, often incorporating technological fabrics. The boots are paired with sporty looks, including sweatshirts with or without front zippers, as well as with figure-hugging minidresses or more relaxed options in fluid cuts, paired with micro-shorts, stretch pants, and padded or synthetic fur coats.

The collection also introduces bell-bottom pants, offering a nod to the seventies. Materials such as micropaillettes, natural silk, velvet, corduroy, and metallic thread add rich texture and visual appeal to the pieces. Overall, Custo Barcelona once again demonstrates its ability to innovate and surprise, inviting us to embrace our individuality and confidence through bold and expressive styling choices for the upcoming autumn season.