Elie Saab’s Celestial Elegance: Spring-Summer 2024 Collection and Lifestyle Expansion

Elie Saab’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection transported fashion enthusiasts on a captivating journey under the moonlight, with the backdrop of the Palais de Tokyo enhancing the experience. The venue’s unique setting featured a suspended satellite, bathed in dappled blue light that beautifully simulated the colors of the Mediterranean night sky. Within this dreamlike ambiance, Saab’s collection drew inspiration from moon phases, incorporating patterns and motifs that evoked the lunar landscape. Staying true to his signature style, the collection exuded a generous dose of celestial elegance, with glistening embellishments that added a touch of starry allure to the garments.

While the moon served as the initial source of inspiration, Saab emphasized that his primary focus is on crafting garments that women truly love to wear. This commitment to the wearer’s comfort and style preferences was evident throughout the collection. It included an array of fashion items, from white denim jumpsuits and pleated skirts to lightweight dresses suitable for garden parties. Even the most delicate tulle skirts were thoughtfully designed with practical pockets, highlighting a dedication to functionality and everyday wearability.

Beyond the fashion collection, Elie Saab is diversifying into the lifestyle sector, expanding the brand’s horizons. Recent retail store openings in the Middle East and Monte-Carlo are part of this strategic move, coupled with substantial investments in furniture and branded real estate projects. This expansion is a vital part of the brand’s evolution, demonstrating a clear focus on broadening its offerings and establishing a presence in various sectors, ultimately creating a holistic lifestyle experience for its clientele.

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