Celebrating Elegance, Femininity, and Cosmic Harmony: Julien Fournié’s Fashion Odyssey

Julien Fournié embarks on a bold fashion journey, urging a rejection of superficial trends in favor of creativity and elegance. A staunch advocate of feminine values, he emphasizes diplomacy over conquest, humor over aggression, and seduction over submission. Fournié believes that women serve as a shield against the surges of masculinity that can breed conflict and violence, promoting a vision of balance and harmony.

In his unique approach, Fournié playfully incorporates military elements into his designs. He transforms military medals, trimmings, and other embellishments into festive and eye-catching elements within his clothing. Officer’s silk braid and shoulder pads are revitalized with new colors, medals are replaced by tassels, and generals’ stars now grace dresses. This fusion of military and fashion codes yields a vibrant and striking result.

Fournié’s collection features oversized coats, some reminiscent of kimonos, with hidden pockets for practicality. He explores a diverse range of inspirations, from chain mail to 19th-century uniform fastenings, samurai gear, 20th-century war uniforms, men’s riding coats, and historical crinolines. His color palette includes khaki, lagoon blue, pink gold, purple, red, and black, often presented in gradients or adorned with disco-like lurex, with matching shiny umbrellas adding a touch of brilliance. The collection’s bride, appearing ethereal in an immaculate white silk coat and a dress embellished with silver stars, symbolizes an angelic presence from another galaxy, reminding us that we are all connected by stardust, transcending conflicts and emphasizing our shared humanity.