Jason Wu reimagines NYC’s Fashion Scene at NYFW 2023

In 2006, Jason Wu made a significant impact in the fashion industry as a young and emerging designer at the age of 26. He gained widespread recognition for crafting Michelle Obama’s inaugural ballgown, a graceful one-shouldered creation in ivory that symbolized fresh starts.

In the midst of a shifting fashion landscape, there was a resolute commitment to maintain a well-established identity. This commitment entailed upholding the principles of American fashion and the celebration of meticulous craftsmanship, all while keeping production firmly rooted in the bustling streets of New York City.

As the future remained uncertain, a collective effort was underway to safeguard the artistic essence that defined this industry. Notably, Jason Wu’s choice of venue for his show, 28 Liberty Street, previously recognized as One Chase Manhattan Plaza and now under the ownership of the consumer goods conglomerate Fosun, served as a testament to the changing currents within the fashion world.

This tower’s plaza is home to a sunken Japanese garden designed by Isamu Noguchi, which held landmark status. For over five decades, it remained private and could only be observed from street level. In the near future, plans are underway to transform the basement into a food hall, offering diners a chance to experience the garden at eye level—this was where Wu chose to stage his show.

As of now, the area is under construction, a decision the designer appreciated for his show because it mirrored the desolate landscapes depicted in the post-pandemic and post-society HBO drama “The Last of Us.”

Wu unveiled a powerful collection, blending toughness with elegance. He personally distressed an ivory jacquard skirt combined with a sheer, silver-embroidered tank and ruggedly transformed a red sweater atop a delicate tweed miniskirt.

The collection also showcased eye-catching black-and-white prints, reminiscent of 19th-century etchings, featuring Chinese landscapes and the visage of the inaugural Chinese Hollywood movie star, Anna May Wong. Wu experimented with translucent overlays in gracefully dark bias-cut dresses and the combination of skirts layered over pants. He also added his feminine touch to denim, resulting in a vibe that exuded allure and a hint of rebellion.