Exploring the Unveiled Present and Anticipated Future: Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign – A Blend of Elegance and Enigma

In the present moment. Anticipating the future’s perfection. The campaign for the Fall/Winter 2023 collection, titled “Miu Miu Live!”, occupies an ambiguous space that straddles the line between the current time and the time that is yet to unfold. It exists amidst fleeting, all-encompassing realms tinted in shades of grey – perhaps an airport or a TV studio – while embodying the concept of movement that is both ubiquitous and elusive. The individuals populating this realm possess a dual perspective, gazing outward and inward concurrently.

Their performance is instantaneous – alive and unfolding in the moment – yet swiftly transforms into introspection, even detachment, the next. A conscious sense of disorientation takes shape, disrupting the familiar. This very disruption extends to their attire. The collection features refined twinsets, knee-length pencil skirts, and generously cut tailoring rendered in dry, substantial wools that both conceal and reveal the body.

The concealed elements – waistbands of stockings, signature panties worn without skirts, and delicate petticoats – are brought into view. Effortless spontaneity and languid ease are veiled through clothing, and emotionally by an enigmatic quality. The individuals, absorbed in their solitude, effortlessly shift from abstract avatars to moments of intimacy, from foreground to background. They remain open, yet guarded, never fully exposing themselves. The universally familiar is subverted, viewed from a fresh perspective.

The diverse ensemble boasts talents from various disciplines, including singer-songwriter Ethel Cain, actors Emma Corrin, Mia Goth, and Zhao Jinmai, models Amelia Gray Hamlin and Annabelle Weatherly, as well as model and LGBTQ+ advocate Zaya Wade.

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