June 6 2021 at Central Park

 Jewish fashion designer Alexander Gurman will present his summer fashion collection tomorrow ( June 6 2021 ) at the Central Park at 9 AM.
Show will have collection of glow in the dark fashion www.facebook.com/GlowIntheDarkFashion/ also wedding collection will be presented of feather and fur bridal dresses https://www.facebook.com/WeddingPhotoFilm/ show produced by Mr. Great www.facebook.com/GreatFashionModel/ a show sponsored by Dino Luzzi Energy Drinks. Alexander originally from Ukraine had developed his fashion productions here in NYC for the last 20 years.
Many of the models have Russian heritage that is why this show is known often as Russian Fashion Show in New York. Most of the sewing labor for the collection comes from ladies who are somewhat disable and can not care for themselves and Alexander brings to the parts to assemble the dresses and Alexander supports his crew with sales from the end product to various boutiques in NY and abroad.
Show will take place by the Bethesda Terrace. Show is produced as a fashion protest to support causes that matter to models, and photographers who participate in the show. 
Those causes have a call for unify Jews to combat anti Israel propaganda, and to call attention to anti Russian sentiment recently seen more and more in South Brooklyn.