The post pandemic landscape of fashion show productions have changed and new type of productions have emerged.

Things that hunted fashion show productions in the past like high rent for location, limited capacity of space have driven partially the cost of fashion show productions. Now that the line of sponsors dry up since many sponsors do not have prior budget the new type of fashion shows have found its way to the front of the fashion art scene. Central Park fashion show by Mr. Great team has tackled many issues.
Since doing events as part of protest and for the cause constitute no need for the permit it reduces the red tape. Also placing fashion back under the umbrella of arts as public performance for the general public finds its support with city officials and also helps to share events for the citizens of New York who have been without Broadway and other performances for over a year. Another contributing factor of success is that tourists who come to NYC for lack of international travel options now buy cloth directly from designers at the park as their souvenirs from the trip to the Big Apple.
Designers are happy that they see new unexpected fan bases that actually support them with their wallets buying their creations right at the spot after the show. Also many designers have open their runway options for regular folks who would not think of themselves prior as typical models but because they like to buy as a memory garmines they wear at the runway, designers do not have to carry back their collection after the show, collections got sold at the show.
Another interesting aspect about new Central Park fashion show productions is not the traditional format of the fashion show runway. Central park shows do shows on stairs for example to show shoes and heels as a 3D dimension show.
The producers of the show successful experiment with paparazzi fashion show format when models walk the runway with a group of bodyguards to protect them from photographers and photographers instead of staying at the riser and photographer pit rush to take pictures of model and images looks like whenever model wear a dress by that designer she/he is treated as celebrity.
The inclusion of comedy and prank elements in fashion shows also makes the show more like a performance and artistic expression rather than rigid runway experience. 
Models at the central park fashion show demonstrate collections running, jumping, dancing, singing and in various weather conditions, in snow storms, heavy rain, windy days so fashion accepts various weather conditions. That alternative format allows the show to break stereotypes and appeal to new audiences. Some demographics in the past successfully collaborated for example as Caribbean community has strong ties among themselves as well as Latin American community and produce their activities as joint front, some communities never been able to consolidate under one roof for example as Eastern European community or African countries communities always produce events as one country at time for the luck of common consolidation power, we hope that this new structure may find common denominator for Eastern European community since the producer of the show has Eastern European heritage. In the recent shows designers from Russia and Ukraine and other countries shipped their collection to designer representatives that are more than just a stylist and demonstrated and sold their collections at the show and what was not sold returned back to the designer.
That has been an emerging trend with the lack of international travel.
The next Central Park show is scheduled for the April 25th for those who are interested to collaborate please reach out at AlexanderEGurman we got a few new fashion productions styles that we will introduce at that show including food and drinks fashion show as well as product placement fashion show.
Alex Gurman