Prada Womenswear Spring – Summer 2020 Advertising Campaign – Plain Redefined As Daring Attitude…

The multitude characterizes Prada, an ever-shifting landscape of meaning, endlessly reinterpreted – not one woman, but many, changing ceaselessly, a reflection of fashion itself. Like the identity of women today, the identity of Prada too is fluid, fluctuating, open to interpretation – confounding explanation, eschewing rhetoric, refuting definition.,,,
The Prada Spring/Summer 2020 womenswear campaign offers a multitude of views and perspectives that reflect that dichotomy – of the ever-shifting landscape of women that constantly inspire, and of the plurality of definitions of Prada. Credits: Films by Ferdinando Verderi Models: Freja Beha, Sara Blomqvist, Anna Ewers, Berit Heitman, Ruiqi Jiang, Ashley Radjarame, Kyla Ramsey, Charlotte Rose, Miriam Sanchez, Zso Varju. Creative direction by Ferdinando Verderi
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