365, Prada Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign – “Persona” – Video

The new chapter of 365 centers around the actress Jessica Chastain. Enigmatic and ever-changing, seamlessly segueing between fantasy and make-believe, she is the ideal representation of the multi-dimensional Prada woman.

A series of still and moving image portraits, captured on set by Willy Vanderperre, encapsulate Chastain’s inimitable persona, and the concepts of honesty, simplicity and intimacy integral to the Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The images blur the line between the real and imagined, juxtaposing classic monochrome portraits with shots that betray the construct of the image.

These different portraits in turn reflect different facets of Chastain’s own personality – public and private, inward and outward, her different incarnation, different identities – different persona.

Reflecting both the fiction of Jessica Chastain’s roles, and the fantasy of fashion, these images paradoxically represent both a search for truth and its discovery. It is found here in a reflection of Chastain not as a character, but as herself. Her own multi-faceted persona, recognizable in all her assumed identities. She is always and never the same.

See Prada Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign at http://bit.ly/2sieqxF.