Gucci x DSM | Sandy Kim – Video

Sandy Kim, photographer, model and filmmaker born in California in 1986, constantly redefines her work by creating visual material difficult to encompass in an artistic category. Following her recent “Analog Brain” exhibit at the Little Big Man Gallery in Los Angeles and her affinity with photographers Ryan McGinley and Nan Goldin, intimacy is a central theme of her work. For the launch of the Gucci x DSM exclusive collection, a video “has been shot like you were shooting secretly on your cell phone” said Sandy, confirming her deep interest in the unpredictable and the personal. Inspired by VHS video colors, the short film was captured with a digital and mechanical swing-lens camera. The movie depicts skater Sean Pablo together with Cruz Mendez, model Manon Macasaet and transgender Meetkha in private and public spaces, the urban paths of the new wave New Yorkers placed under the spotlight of a modern George Orwell.