Setting the Pace | Michael Kors

From the streets of New York to the rush of a runway show, Michael Kors talks about what makes him tick—and how the world of fashion has no limits.

New York is my town.

Fashion is my life.

A runway show is about design. It’s about glamour. It’s about energy. It’s about speed. It’s about performing. It’s about connecting all the dots.

The world of fashion today is more than just fashion. It’s about fans, models, celebrities, ideas and even countries on a global scale.

Glamour is about confidence. People choose to wear Michael Kors when it matters because they trust me to make them look and feel their best. And to make it easy.

Today everyone is part of the new jet set. Not only are people traveling more in reality, but they’re traveling virtually every time they look at their phone (or their watch).

We live in a world that is more social, more mobile, more instant, more connected than ever before.

We used to think that the world had borders. There are no borders anymore in fashion or in life. There’s only ACCESS.

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