40 Years of Armani

This year Giorgio Armani celebrates 40 years of excellence in fashion. ?33 – #Atribute to

The image is typical of how the adult fashion designer would imagine his ideal women – wearing paired-back, simple outfits, created from lines and volume rather than from ostentatious details and bright colours.

“Elegance is not about being noticed,
it’s about being remembered”

A beautifully cut jacket is perhaps the essence of the Armani look – whether for a man or a woman. A simple trouser suit. A flowing coat. A relaxed shirt. All these, in the hands of Giorgio Armani, are executed with a respect for the understated, and a fascination for how form and function combine, and how clothing interacts with the body.

The Armani aesthetic is elegant not because this is a quality the designer has chosen to promote, but because he knows no other way of expressing beauty.

Manhattan Fashion Magazine New York