Jobs In Fashion – Career Roundtable for Job Seekers, in New York City

Thursday, May 8, 2014, 6:30 PM
Hive at 55
55 Broad Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY

Are you passionate about a career in Fashion?

Not sure how to get your “foot in the door” in this dynamic, developing job market?

NY Career Meetup will answer these tough questions and much more!

Join us for an Exclusive, Information Packed Roundtable Event This exclusive, info-packed will feature experienced professionals, recruiters, a career coach, lots of experience and one agenda:

How to get a job in Fashion?

Who Should Attend?
Those professionals looking for savvy, inside info. on the NYC Fashion industry job market, including:

Topics include:
-‘Must-know’ facts before you apply: the NYC fashion job market, culture, trends -Up and coming /”hot” jobs in fashion

-Possible career trajectories in fashion -What experience and skills fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers are looking for

-Smart strategies and methodologies for your fashion industry job search

-Saavy ways to market yourself as a candidate

-How to enter fashion, as a fresh grad, or a career changer And more!

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