Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show

Published on Feb 25, 2014
The elegance and power of the contemporary goddess.
A juxtaposition of glamour and mystery, with cinched-in poise
meeting the fluidity and provocation of Grace Jones.
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Versace Women’s Wear Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion Show

The new icons of Versace – sensual, feminine, provocative, proud.
The luxurious allure of bias-cut dresses in silk and satin, with
asymmetric hems and seams provocatively left open as they cross
the body.
Long sleeve bias-cut dresses are detailed on the front with military
frogging and buttons, the back slashed open to reveal the skin
The juxtaposition of a tailored coat with pony skin sleeves
contrasted with the fluidity of a silk satin dress.
Trapeze coats in vibrant yellow and red duchesse silk satin have
their own cocooning
sensuality, especially when worn with ornate thigh-high boots.
Jackets like parade uniforms sit cropped on the body, the sleeves
ornately embroidered.
Silk dresses and leather jackets have inserts of heraldic patterns in
suede and leather, like tattoos on the body.
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