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Michael Rome began his formal education studying to become a doctor, although he later realized this was not to be his fate and abandoned Medical School in favor of designing at The Leather School in Florence. Michael quickly found success with a line of leather handbags he developed and marketed in Italy for The Leather School. In 1982, he accepted the ultimate challenge to go out and develop his own line of Handbags and Accessories under his name which led him to expand his business internationally by following his dream to NYC. He set up shop and immediately captivated the American market with his charming personality and the classy European style of his designs that continue to be the hallmark of his leather business.

Today, Michael still finds inspiration on the chic streets of Florence, Italy where he spent many days wandering in his youth. His customers proudly carry his bags and leather accessories as they appreciate the sophistication of his designs and the quality of their construction. The demand for his bags has steadily grown among many retailers as well as TV shopping channels. Michael Rome’s strong business expertise and the high quality controls he implements in the production of his line has prompted many major department stores and retailers throughout the U.S. to engage him in producing their own private label leather goods.

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