Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs Exhibition Vernissage Party

Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs is a story of two personalities and their contributions to the world of fashion : Louis Vuitton, founder of the house of Louis Vuitton in 1854, and Marc Jacobs, its artistic director since 1997. Two innovators , both rooted in their respective centuries, advanced an entire industry. Two creators , each in his own language, appropriated cultural codes and trends in order to shape the history of contemporary fashion .

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 on Mar 10, 2012

Presented at museum of Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Created at the occasion of the ‘Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs’ exhibition.
Until September 16th, 2012.
For more information please visit www.lesartsdecoratifs.fr/francais/accueil-292/une-486/francais/mode-et…



 on Mar 10, 2012


Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs Exhibition Vernissage Party Fashions

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