Daffy’s Virtual Show in Times Square New York

Daffy’s, a high fashion retail store, recently opened up and wanted to inform their customers of their new store location and amazing sales of up to 80% off high end fashion. The challenge was how to break through all the clutter in one of the most advertised cities in the country. In order to do this, they decided to bring back the old peep show and sleaze factor of old Times Square New York.

Devito/Verdi, USA with helpt of Click 3X created an interactive virtual peep show. People passing the street can walk up to the digital display and press their hand to the glass. Instead of using money, this interactive peep show only required a person to put their hand on the window. Upon pressing the “button” the red velvet drapes would open and reveal a young model strutting her stuff. As the model slowly does her thing and removes portions of her clothing, you’ll notice a sign above the model that flashes, “Wanna see what 20 percent off looks like?”

As the sign slowly changes to more percent off, more clothing items fly off until it reaches 80%. At that point, the velvet curtain drops and the show ends with “Wanna see more? Come downstairs” flashing across the screen.

Advertising Agency: Devito/Verdi, USA
Production / Post Production: Click 3X
Senior Producer: Ephraim Kehlmann
Producer: Jenny Corbett
Animations: Claudeland Louis
Editor: Erin McCaffrey
Development: Jonathan Schnapp