Victorian Blouse by Mimi Plange – Women’s Style

Victorian Blouse by Mimi Plange – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Hi, my name is Mimi Plange, and I am the creative director of Mimi Plange, based here in New York City. Today we are going to take a look at our Victorian inspired blouse with pencil skirt. It has a satin trim high neck collar and hand-beaded roses that were all shaped and developed by hand, as well. We have a high waisted pencil skirt that has an elongated body, a little bit below the knee to accentuate a slim silhouette. We are also looking on the trend of color blocking here. We have the cream against the red and then, this rust color that is kind of soft.

The skirt is in a wool gabardine. And I believe that this garment is an outfit that you can wear out during the day if your going out to lunch. Or you can even dress it up with a pair of nice heels for a cocktail later on in the evening. This garment complements my collection, as every single piece is always inspired by a Victorian look that is taken on a shape of a new, modern woman who wants to take a little bit of history and move it forward.


Mimi Plange
Mimi Plange is a luxury womenswear label inspired by 17th century fashion with the ease and sensibility of modern lines.


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