Daily News: Fashion 2.0: New video games help kids try the field on for size

amd Fashion game style-savvy

amd Fashion game style-savvy

Video games have taken players to battlefields and football fields. Now they’re taking you into the world of fashion.

Two haute new games are paving the way for the next generation of players: creative and tech-savvy teen and twentysomething girls.

The design challenges are taken straight from the show. The player gains points by following mentorĀ Tim Gunn‘s guidelines, which include tips on everything from fabric choice to lip color. And, yes, when the going gets tough, Gunn will tell you to “Make it work.”

When it’s time for the runway, the player steps into the stilettos of the model, using the Wii balance board. She can rack up more points by walking on the board to the rhythm of the music.

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