TEASER: Introducing 2(X)IST WATCHES: The NYC Watch

2(X)IST proudly presents 2(X)IST WATCHES and our first timepiece, The NYC Watch. Produced in collaboration with award-winning industrial designer Jason Wilbur, The NYC Watch combines all the trademarks of 2(X)IST—namely high design, superior value, and peak performance—into one supreme accessory.Strap on The NYC Watch, and the wearer senses that 2(X)IST is taking time to another level.

To learn more about 2(X)IST WATCHES and The NYC Watch, visit www.2XIST.com.

2(X)IST PROFILE 01: Behind the Scenes with Lasse Hansen for 2XIST.COM

Meet model Lasse Hansen on the set of our latest 2XIST.COM photoshoot, where he shows off the latest 2(X)IST Swimwear and Underwear from the Summer 2013 Collection. (All available now at 2XIST.COM.) In this 2(X)IST Profile, Mr. Hansen chats about his service in the Danish Navy, offers insight into the model life, and shares how he likes to spend downtime in New York City…all while the workings of a photoshoot (photographers, directors, and stylists alike) buzz around him.

For more, visit http://www.2XIST.com.